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SDS creation service | Safety Data Sheet (SDS) & Label Authoring

Large & Small projects at Great Prices and FAST turn-around time

  • Classification of substances to comply in any jurisdiction, including hazard identification, application of hazard pictograms, signal word, hazard codes and precautionary statements.
  • Authoring of Safety Data Sheets compliant with regulations, incorporating 16 sections and relevant localized regulatory data.
  • Updating of existing Safety Data Sheets to comply with the latest regional GHS requirements.
  • Authoring of GHS and CLP compliant labels as required by the legislation, incorporating the six required elements.
  • Creation of compliant label templates to incorporate into your existing software.
  • Consumer Label Requirements
  • Cosmetics Safety Data Sheet Authoring
  • Real Human Translators to ensure the very best quality of your hazard communication documents.
  • Transportation Classification

USA: GHS 29 CFR1910.1200 + State regulations and lists (ie: California prop. 65; New Jersey Right-to-Know; etc.). Format: (ANSI) Z400.1 GHS SDS format. “ 29 CFR1910.1200 + State regulations and lists (ie: California prop. 65; New Jersey Right-to-Know; etc.). Format: (ANSI) Z400.1


MEXICO: NOM-018-STPS-2000 and recently adopted United Nations GHS format

EUROPE: 27 EU countries + European Free Trade Association: Europe REACH Annex II (Reg 453/2010)/CLP including the DSD-DPD and GHS requirements in the same document (SDS), and all applicable country specific laws, lists and Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) for the 27 member states.

Australia: [NOHSC:2011(2004)];

China: GB T16483-2008 for SDSs including their adoption of GHS and standard GB 15258-2009 for China GHS labels;

Malaysia: Bilingual (Malay-English language CSDS standard format);

Singapore: SS 586-3 2008 Standard including their adoption of GHS;

Taiwan: United Nations GHS SDS format.

TSCA compliance services

EPA – The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Substance Inventory contains all existing chemical substances manufactured, processed, or imported in the United States that do not qualify for an exemption or exclusion under TSCA. Our experts have over 20 years of direct tsca compliance services experience in handling a complete range from simple, to even the most complex of TSCA requirements. We would be pleased to discuss your particular requirements, then quickly design, and outline the work-plan scope, pricing and timelines for delivery.
Here are just a few examples of our most requested tsca compliance services:

  • Audits/Self Assessments
  • General Awareness and Function Specific Training/Workshops
  • TSCA Compliance Manuals
  • Submissions: PMNs, NOCs, LVEs, SNUNs,
  • Consent Orders, CDR (Chemical Data Reporting)
  • Exemptions: R&D, H7, Polymers
  • Import Certifications
  • Export Clearances and Notifications
  • CAS RN requests
  • CBI Substantiation
  • TSCA Reform – including Inventory reset 

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

SDS Creation Training Course

Custom GHS Safety Data Sheet Authoring Training online, or onsite at your location. If you would like to learn how to author your own compliant Safety Data Sheets, contact us today. Let us work with you to create your customized SDS Author training.

Conveniently scheduled one on one or groups. This custom solution includes your products specifically and can take you from template design to completion of your compliant SDS. We customize your SDS Author training using your products and actually create and review one or several SDS’s with you to ensure the very best results. This amazing training can be tailored to fit your busy schedule with multiple 2 hr sessions.

Base training is a minimum of 6 hrs. for 1 or 2 attendees. More attendees? No problem, we can handle any size. Our online training performed through WebEx will also give you access to the full recording(s) so you can watch over and over again complete with the power point presentation. Onsite training available! We can come to you, onsite at your location to provide a 1 or 2 day training, ask for details.

  • HAZARD CLASSIFICATION (Pure Substances & Mixtures)

Regulatory & SDS Management Platform

Already using an outsourced online SDS management solution and getting frustrated with the results? We would love to hear from you! We make switching over easy and painless. We Really Do! Thanks to its powerful search engine and user-friendly dashboard, our online interface allows tracking, downloading and consulting on all the SDSs and chemicals present in the workplace and this in just a few seconds.

  • Direct, easy, effective, real time and 24/7 access to all SDSs and EHS information in the workplace.
  • Facilitate access to emergency services
  • Maintain GHS regulatory compliance vis-à-vis OSHA’s HCS 2012, Health Canada’s WHMIS 2015 and the EU’s CLP/REACH, and other federal and state regulatory enforcement agencies.
  • Reduces risk of fines and helps keeping your contributions to said agencies as low as possible.
  • Customized cloud based interface with your company colors and logos for your customers or suppliers to privately log in and download the SDS’s assigned to their profile.
  • 24/7/365 access!
  • Email Distribution Alerts. Whenever you update your SDS and need to get it out to everyone of your distribution list, we will send it for you through our lightning fast SDS Distribution Alert Servers. (Servers can be located in the USA or Canada as per client requirements)
  • Obtainment of original up to date GHS SDS from suppliers for product stewards, manufacturers, and distributors.

HAZCOM WARRIORS – Injured Veterans and Caregivers

Our mission is to create training and employment opportunities for our injured veterans and families to help all businesses from large corporations to small businesses and non-profit organizations comply with GHS and the Hazard Communication Standard in USA and abroad.These are the very same amazing men and women that defended our freedom and continue to serve on the front lines adjusting in their “new normal” life with their caregivers. (usually their spouse or close family member). The best of the best among us all! If you are a American or Canadian injured military veteran, posses a background in chemistry with an honorable discharge, we may have options for you to build a new career in Hazard Communication! Caregivers to Injured Veterans welcome. We have had great success with husband and wife teams!

  • SDS Authoring,
  • SDS Management,
  • Updated SDS Quality Control
  • Document Research & Obtainment,
  • Chemical Toxicology Research,
  • Chemical Hazard Assessment.

24/7 access to all your SDS's and EHS information in real-time

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